A very stupid question that existed when the video players arrived like atomic bomb in our homes. Why there is no rewind button in life?

On our daily lives before we hit the bed we always tell to ourselves ‘If i can only bring back time i will never do this again’. But guess what, life is a beach there is no rewind button that exist in our lives. Once we did it it is irreversible.

Regret is not present on the beginning. We always make harsh decisions on the start. Too drunk with the idea of ‘this will be better’ clouds our judgements.  And in the end all we can do is sob and regret because there is no rewind button in life.

What can i change in the past? – Too stupid to ask because you have wasted a lot of time, you’ve already trample the feelings of those people who you know will get hit on the decision that you have made before. You broke someones life, I broke someone precious, and now there is no rewind button to bring her back. All i can do is this……

If i can only turn back the hands of time, I will pay for it at any cost. I will never commit those mistakes that i have made before and never will. We all know that that is very impossible. The damage has been dealt. I broke her again because of my stupidity. And now there is no way to bring her back again because – there is no rewind button in life.